Natural Light is a Motivator

Workplace lighting can be quite uninspiring. Ketra's Natural, dynamic light is designed to support creativity and innovation, so we can do our best work.

Natural Light Makes Us Happier

Our bodies have evolved to respond to natural light. Dynamic light aligned with the shifting nature of the sun connects us to the outdoors and can have a positive effect on mood.

Natural Light Builds Community

Buzzfeed's flexible, collaborative workplace design with Ketra lighting helped drive a 10% increase in retention, an impressive result for the highly competitive tech industry.

The Most Accurate Natural Light in the World.

Ketra light dynamically shifts, matching the sun's changing color temperature throughout the day with high quality, tunable white light, pastels and saturated colors.


We partner with the Mayo Clinic and Delos to use the latest research from the WELL Living Lab in our offerings.

  • Well Living Lab
  • Mayo Clinic

Complete system of lighting, controls and software offers end-to-end customization for your space. Ketra can also be retrofitted to existing systems.