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Meet Team Ketra


Our Story

Advancing the art & science of light

Light—it shapes the world we see around us. It energizes and soothes, invigorates and inspires. Dynamic and always evolving, it’s as alive as the very life it illuminates.

And yet, because light is so pervasive, it’s easy to forget that it colors each and every experience. We often treat man-made light as a mere utility—when it holds the potential to be so much more.

At Ketra, we create lighting products that emulate the awe-inspiring possibilities of natural light—and beyond. From our proprietary driver chip that produces the widest range of tunable whites and colors available from a single source, to breakthrough innovations like Vibrancy, to smart integrations that let you strike the perfect mood with the touch of a button, we’re committed to pushing the boundaries of light.

Ketra is inspired by the light nature has given us, and curious to see where technology can take it—to make our world a brighter, more beautiful place.

Innovating in Lighting Tech

A few of our recent awards from the lighting, technology and interior design industries:

Leading the Way

We’re proud to collaborate with leading architects, lighting design professionals, and research institutions to advance the state of the industry—and ensure that our products always reflect the latest standards and discoveries for quality, sustainability, and wellness.


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