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Our Story

Based in Austin, Texas, Ketra has revolutionized the lighting industry through the creation of a new category: Natural Light.

From the energizing midday sun to the familiar, soothing glow of a candle, Natural Light changes throughout the day, following the formula created by nature.


As we spend more and more time indoors, in front of screens and away from natural sunlight, we feel out of touch with our natural environment. Ketra brings Natural Light into the built spaces where we live and work.

Founded in 2009, Ketra has made dynamic light accessible in any environment with a flexible, fully integrated lighting solution. Ketra’s tunable light creates high quality white, pastels and saturated color from a single-point source, enhancing the look of any space, and allowing you to tailor your light to meet your specifications.

What People are Saying

In The News

Architect NewsPaper

“Bennett recently completed Honeybrains, a concept cafein New York’s NoHo district that serves up information on brain health alongside healthy food options and a honey-focused retail section. Owned by two siblings—one who worked in neurology—the cafe features circadian lighting by Ketra disguised in a clever ceiling-light baffle.

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“Multiple hubs can be used to create networks, or KNets, which can incorporate up to 50 devices. Mounting options include tabletop, wall-mount, or conduit-mount. Using an internet connection, the N4 Hub can connect to Ketra’s cloud servers to provide backup and remote maintenance functions.”

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Buzz Feed News

“Throughout the relatively short history of electric light, most improvements have been aimed at making light bulbs last longer or use less energy. Ketra is selling something different than dull efficiency: light as an object of beauty, light as a perk.”

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Proud Members

Ketra proudly engages with thought leaders in lighting, architecture and design, health and wellness, and other innovative organizations.