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Who We Are

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At Ketra, we are transforming the way we experience light.

What makes us different is is an unwillingness to settle for the status quo. We do absolutely everything in our power to upgrade, enhance and perfect everything we touch. We want to change the way people see things, literally and figuratively. We want to change the way people feel on a daily basis. We want to change the world — and we’re probably going to do it.

Goals this big require people who don’t recognize or care about limitations. People who are willing to do more, do it faster, and do it better. People who have a passion for being the best. People who don’t stop until it’s right.

Ketra employees thrive in an environment where brisk thought and swift action are the only possible options. They attack technical challenges with gusto, and constantly raise the bar for each other and the entire industry. Ketra employees are changing the landscape of the lighting world, every single day.

Are you coming with us?

Current Openings

Browse current Austin job openings on the Lutron (Ketra's parent company) careers website.