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Exploring the Impact of Light with Sasha Bikoff

“Light drives my design process,” says New York interior designer Sasha Bikoff. “Not only is it the key ingredient, but a lot of times it's the first ingredient I work with.” We recently captured Bikoff’s unique take on how light brings a design to life—and how she uses Ketra and the Lutron Experience Center to manifest her maximalist visions.


For designers who want to better understand how high-quality, dynamic light can impact their work, the Lutron Experience Center is part library, part laboratory. “I love using the Lutron Experience Center as a resource,” says Bikoff of the growing design hub. “I love to be able to test different lights, shades, ambiances, and rooms before I install them in a project.”

Inside the Experience Center, designers can immerse themselves in an extensive collection of product samples and literature and put their ideas to the test in real-world contexts. Bikoff uses Ketra’s dynamic light to inform design decisions at every turn—from selecting colors and materials at the outset of a project to fine-tuning a space once furnishings and finishings are in. “Ketra Lighting by Lutron is as close to heaven as one can get,” she says.

Visit the Lutron Experience Center online for more information or to book an appointment.

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