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Interior Designer Spotlight: Young Huh

Ketra sat down with Young Huh, Founder and Principal at Young Huh Interiors, to discuss her approach to lighting a space and how innovations like Ketra offer a new toolset for achieving the right mood in any room. Young described her purpose as a designer and how lighting comes into play when creating the ultimate in personalized environments.  Watch the full interview below.

 Find a transcript of our interview with Young Huh below.   

"I was just blown away when we got the demonstration. I didn't know there was any product that could do that."

Young Huh
Interior Designer

Q. What does the role interior designer mean to you?

A: Really what an interior designer does is alter and transform the space, so that it has the feeling, purpose and the sensibility that you’re trying to create.


Q: What role does lighting play in designing a space?

A: Lighting is really important because that’s how you see things. [With it], you could create mystery, you could create vibrancy, you could create a really bright happy working condition with lighting.


Q: What does Ketra offer to interior designers?

A: Ketra is an amazing product because one of the issues that designers face quite often is [having] to choose one color of lighting. With Ketra you can have the entire range [of color] in the same fixture so you can go from really bright sunlight to mood lighting to evening lighting and even color vibrancy. I was just blown away when we got the demonstration. I didn’t know there was any product that could do that.


Q: What is your favorite part of the Ketra experience?

A: I think Ketra lighting is really human-- it’s the most realistic lighting there is out there, I would say.


Learn more about Young Huh Interiors on her website, and explore Ketra's residential solutions here.