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Bright Ideas at Work: Inside Ketra's New HQ

When an organization is embracing a future of bigger and better things, it helps to work in a space that reflects those goals. And after months of planning and hard work, Ketra is ready to welcome our team and our collaborators in the design industry to our new headquarters. Staying true to our roots, Ketra’s HQ remains in Austin, which has been a longtime hotbed for high tech talent and is now an emerging design destination. The timing of this industry shift couldn’t have been more perfect, as Lutron (Ketra’s parent company), the leader in the high-tech lighting space, is looking to invest in more Austin-based talent that represents the exciting intersection of tech and design.


Home is now at 2301-B East Riverside, less than 4 miles from downtown in the heart of Austin’s up-and-coming east side. The new, freestanding building designed by celebrated local design veteran, Michael Hsu, makes a perfect canvas to capture and share our light story. It also keeps us close to the BEAM (our Breakthrough Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing facility) to foster the valuable connection between our engineering team at HQ and the skilled fabricators who bring their innovations to life. Communication between teams is crucial when making consumer products, especially because we own the process from beginning to end, starting with a design and ending up in our customers’ homes and offices.


While we’re proud to have a beautiful, new HQ where our employees can innovate, we’re even more excited to have a dedicated place to welcome members of the design community. The collaboration space at Ketra’s new HQ — a full 25% of the floorplan — enables us to showcase how designers can make a space shine with Ketra light + Lutron shades and controls, and to work with our customers to build new innovations together.


Setting the Stage to Shine

Reflecting our purpose and passion for lighting innovation, harnessing the powerful elements of light were the driving force behind our overall design vision. Our employees agreed: the number-one priority from all departments was access to natural light, followed by having creative phone conversation spaces, incorporating principles of biophilia to bring nature indoors, and providing amenities that align with Austin’s active lifestyle focus, such as sit-stand desks and onsite showers.


To achieve this vision, the new HQ features an open perimeter lined with windows that allow natural light to flow freely throughout the entire space. Glass walls bring light all the way into the core of the building, while Lutron shades throughout the space complement indoor light control for total daylight control. 


Structurally, we crafted large, modern spaces that give us plenty of options for work modes and moods to suit our hard-working employees, valued guests and the task at hand. From conference rooms and huddle rooms to soft seating areas and even a quiet zone library, we can both tailor these environments for current needs and grow as we build the future of Ketra — and we have plenty of room to grow!


By using light’s power as a transformational tool, our multi-purpose spaces can shift at the touch of a button to become whatever is needed at that moment. Our employees and guests can easily set the scene for focused work, collaboration sessions, cocktail receptions or other large-scale events.


Taking cues from our collaborators in the hospitality industry, we’ve also given ourselves the ability to use light to create drama, showcase artwork and to paint architectural elements with intention. Whether we’re enriching the finish of building materials such as concrete floors, or making visitors feel welcome by spotlighting key spaces in their brand’s hues, Ketra’s color and vibrancy set the scene.


What feels most right, though, is that we've created a home that reflects our culture. Our character is down to earth — yet we definitely have an eye for stylish design. And since our home city brims with a naturally positive, innovative vibe, we also had to include a little local flair. Custom murals created by local artist Aaron Darling capture some of Austin’s most famous residents.


Focusing on a Bright Future

With its unique mix of tech, design and art that reflects the broader Austin culture, the new Ketra HQ is the perfect setting to create advanced tech with artistic elegance. Because we help our customers design the “office of the future” every day, we want to push our own thinking further when creating our own workplace. Incorporating lighting best practices at Ketra HQ encourages us to continuously tinker and refine our offerings, bringing new learnings and relevant insights to our valued collaborators in the design community.


Things at Ketra have never been more exciting. Lutron has invested in our ability to deliver a complete, immersive lighting solution and the highest quality light in the market. And with the new HQ facility in Austin, both brands will be able to foster ongoing innovation and expanded dialogue with the greater design community — to continue bringing great things to light.