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Art Made Brilliant with Light

One thing art collectors and designers can all agree on is that illuminating fine art in the home is as important as the artwork selection itself.

The quality and placement of the light is key, but there is a new tool that lets designers shape how color is reflected off an object, showcasing it exactly as the artist intended. We call this unique capability “vibrancy", and we show you how it works in the video below.

With vibrancy, we are changing the recipe of white light to bring an object's nuanced colors and details to life, transforming how it appears to the human eye.

To showcase vibrancy, Ketra partnered with Elle Decor to host a “Light+Art” cocktail reception for interior designers, so they could experience how lighting can be used to transform art. Watch the video recap to see what our guests experienced.


How Ketra Vibrancy Elevates Art

The theme of the event was brought to life with a pop-up gallery in our New York showroom, where we installed a collection of vibrant, contemporary paintings by Brooklyn-based artist, Sebastian Vallejo. After our co-host Parker Bowie Larson, Style Director at Elle Decor introduced the room of interior designers to Ketra, we kicked off the immersive demonstratio


 Sebastian Vallejo's art on display at Ketra's New York Showroom. 

The combination of abstract and landscape paintings set the stage with a diverse mix of vivid colors and textures. Our guests especially enjoyed “Nenúfares”, Sebastian’s stunning tribute to Claude Monet’s “Water Lilies.” Here is a clip of Ketra vibrancy transforming the regularly-lit painting into a brilliant version of itself.

Watch the colors transform under Ketra Vibrancy.

The Ketra and Lutron team enjoyed witnessing the vibrancy demo through the eyes of our first-time visitors, many of whom requested a repeat of the demo several times throughout the evening.

Sebastian addressed the group with an engaging recap of what he witnessed from the artist’s perspective, stating: "It's every artist's dream to see their art in a prime environment. With Ketra light the experience is real.”

 The transformation from default art lighting to Ketra Vibrancy.

To learn more about Sebastian and his artwork, find him on Instagram.

Color and light is something very important in my work, and I think Ketra is amazing. The colors are just how they're supposed to be."

Sebastian Vallejo

A Whole New Light

From natural light that mimics sunlight, to a warm dim that rivals candlelight, Ketra offers an unlimited palette for homeowners, occupants and designers. With vibrancy, we go beyond color temperature to make colors and details pop. This is why Ketra is installed in some of the leading art galleries and institutions in the world, and why designers are specifying Ketra for their discerning clients.

Learn more about Ketra’s innovative lighting system here.