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S30 Downlight Trim

Availability: Commercial & Residential

The S30 Downlight Trim is an elegant trim designed with a 4 inch aperture that can be used with a Halo 5 inch new construction recessed housing to integrate Ketra’s S30 lamps into new construction projects. ​The industrial design of these trims follows that of the D3 flanged trims such that they complement each other and display a unified aesthetic.​ Simply specify the lamp parameters and the trim type to order as a unit.​

The S30 lamp is equipped with Ketra's full suite of solutions: 

  • High Def Palette - covers a wide range of 16.7 million colors, including pastels, saturated colors and high CRI whites spanning from 1,400K to 10,000K.

  • Dynamic Spectrum—precisely tunes the amount of energy across the visible spectrum to produce Natural Light, Natural Dimming and Vibrancy.
  • TruBeam—produces uniform color across any available beam angle.
  • Color Lock—maintains your desired color point at a one step MacAdam Ellipse across all Ketra product families and over each product’s lifetime.
Beam Angles
15, 25, 40, 60, 90
Lutron Clear Connect Type X
Trim Colors
White, Black, Silver, Bronze
Compatible Housings
- Halo 5” E26 recessed housing (E5ICAT)
- ELCO 5” GU24 recessed housing
Trim Colors
S30 Halo Downlight_InSitu_Perspective_Black
S30 Halo Downlight_InSitu_Perspective_White
S30 Halo Downlight_InSitu_Perspective_Bronze
S30 Halo Downlight_InSitu_Perspective_Silver (B)