Nature perfected lighting a long time ago.

Crisp and bright during the day, soft and warm in the evening. It isn’t hard to recognize, because it’s been with us forever — flawless and fluid, delivering just what our bodies need, exactly when they need it. From the energizing midday sun to the familiar, soothing glow of a candle: it looks beautiful, feels comfortable, and never requires our intervention.


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Bringing Natural Light into your home is simple.

We’ve taken the formula provided by nature and put it into every Ketra product. Screw in the Ketra lamps and plug in the X1 touchpad to experience the superiority of Natural Light.

Our lighting designers have created content that’s perfect for the different things you do in every room of your home. Five curated settings on each X1 deliver gorgeous lighting for any occasion or mood. The ability to dim each setting only adds to the incredible versatility of your new upgraded lighting.

How It Works

To get started, pick a room you’d like to upgrade by selecting an X1 touchpad.

Then, choose which Ketra products will work for your space. Finally, choose the quantity you need. With that, you’ve upgraded to Natural Light.

When you’re ready to upgrade additional rooms, start from the X1 selection and repeat these steps. At prices around $800 a room, it’s easy to bring the perfection of Natural Light into your whole home.


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Our Guarantee

Upgrading your home is a big change. That’s why we guarantee your money back if you aren’t thrilled with Natural Light. Experience the difference for one month, then decide.

No risks, no compromises.


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