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Quality Meets Flexibility with New D3 Downlight Options

Ketra’s own residential business development lead (and recent Austin arrival), Jay Williams, shares the drivers and benefits of the newest additions to the D3 Downlight product family — as well as his go-to source for “life-changing” barbecue.

Ketra's D3 Downlights in the Kitchen of Whistling Valley Home

1. Can you explain why Ketra — and the D3 line in particular — is so important to our residential customers?

The really cool thing about Ketra is that it challenges the way people typically think about spaces. There are so many incredible, unique things that specifiers can do to take blank spaces and paint them with light and color. The D3 downlight is the workhorse of our residential applications. Not only does it have all the Ketra advantages like Dynamic Spectrum, High-Def Palette, TruBeam and Color Lock technology, but it’s also simply a beautiful fixture. It offers everything you would be looking for in a luxury home: multiple beam angles, flange and flangeless options, optic and lens accessories, and several color choices to truly customize projects.  

2. Tell us a bit about the new aesthetic options that have been added to the D3 family. 

We have a new millwork collar (also known as a ceiling adaptor kit) for seamless installation into thicker ceilings made of materials such as wood, tile or stone. We’ve also added refreshed color options to the Ketra D3 and introduced three new powder coated finish options: black, bronze, and silver, which exactly match the colors of Lutron’s Finiré downlights. We also have a paintable white solution available for coordinating colors in more bespoke applications. All colors are offered either with a flanged or flangeless trim as well as in square or round shapes. 

3. What prompted the development of these new trim enhancements? 

It was really a combination of listening to our dealers & specifiers and our commitment to building top quality products. To achieve a best-in-class product, we needed to enable the D3 to work in all types of ceilings. With the D3’s expanded color range, customers who want to blend Ketra and Finiré products now have a solution that matches in color. The initial reaction to the trim enhancements has been very positive from homeowners, the design community, and dealers, which is great to see.  

Everything — both appearance and technology — is integrated by design. From the light sources to the keypad on the wall and the shades on the windows, we are bringing everything together to deliver one beautiful solution for any customer’s home. 

Jay Williams
Residential Business Development lead, Ketra

4. How do these new colors and the millwork options help dealers and specifiers? 

Now anyone can confidently design with both Ketra and Finiré light sources, bringing both together to fit any budget. Clear Connect Type X technology changed the game for how people program and experience Ketra – it’s one seamless system on the back end to provide a better experience for dealers and end users. Now we’ve extended that unification from an aesthetics point of view. Everything — both appearance and technology — is integrated by design. From the light sources to the keypad on the wall and the shades on the windows, we are bringing everything together to deliver one beautiful solution for any customer’s home. 


D3 downlights in the kitchen and dining room of  Southern California Home

5. Speaking of excitement, as a relatively new arrival at Ketra what makes you happy to be part of the team here? 

For some background, my role at Ketra is to focus on residential business development. In this role I work alongside our sales team, rep agencies, and dealers to better understand the needs of our customers, what makes them relate more to Ketra solutions, and any areas of opportunity. We then take the feedback and make it usable for us internally to understand our customer journey, determine product roadmaps, new sales tools, and more. In turn, we also take the latest updates from Ketra and ensure our customers have the latest and greatest information from us. Although 2020 has been a challenging year for everyone, Ketra has continued to invest, innovate, and deliver products to our customers. Despite tough conditions, we were able to meet our dates in delivering the new generation of Ketra technology, while continuing to invest in our production facilities, and add enhancements to the D3 line. I’m proud of our people, and happy we can offer customers ways to make their homes even more welcoming, bright, and comfortable right now.

6. You’re also a newcomer to Ketra’s hometown, Austin. Any advice for those who come visit? 

I always wanted to end up in Austin when I was attending Baylor University just up the road in Waco. I’d been with Lutron for 8 years and always admired Ketra’s technology so when the opportunity came up to join Ketra in Austin, I jumped on it. It was a great chance to work with an exciting product and company in a city that I love. I think one of my favorite things about Austin is the food scene. I was spoiled with restaurants when I was working abroad in the UK for several years, but being a BBQ lover, Austin is world-class.  When you come to Austin to visit our Collaboration Studio and experience Ketra’s products, grab some Franklin’s BBQ -- both will change your life! 


For more information about the new D3 trim enhancements, or the entire D3 family of products, please visit the D3 Product Page

Project Photography by Spacecrafting and Hunter Kerhart 

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