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Lutron’s New Commercial Experience Center, Featuring Ketra Lighting, Opens in Manhattan

NYcommexpcenter1The power of lighting to transform spaces and moods cannot be captured on a spec sheet alone — it must be seen and felt. That need for complete immersion is what inspired Lutron’s bold new Commercial Experience Center, featuring Ketra lighting. Designed to encourage architects, designers, contractors, developers, and building owners to expand the ways they think about lighting design, the Experience Center showcases light not just as a source of illumination, but as an amenity for acquiring and retaining talent, attracting guests, and inspiring students and educators.

This redefinition of lighting’s purpose and value is at the core of Lutron’s innovative HXL approach. As a philosophy of human-centric lighting, HXL deftly employs four elements of lighting design — natural light, quality light, connection to the outdoors, and adaptive and personalized control — to help people be, work, and feel their best. At the new Commercial Experience Center, visitors have the unique opportunity to experience Ketra and Lutron’s integrated solutions working in concert to cultivate all of these elements.


Once you experience an industry-defining innovation like Ketra, as well as true lighting control, you’ll never want to be without it.

Ramin Mehrganpour
Co-President, Lutron

At 5,500 square feet, the new Commercial Experience Center is thoughtfully complete. To help visitors envision the possibilities, realistic environments have been meticulously crafted throughout the space, from hotel and restaurant vignettes to workplace and retail settings. Every micro-experience is illuminated by Ketra’s dynamic lamps and luminaires, and controlled by Lutron’s innovative technology. Dedicated meeting and training spaces for clients and customers are also part of the Center’s footprint, and the entire space is designed to meet the WELL Building Standard — an important alignment with the HXL philosophy.


At the grand opening, Lutron Co-President Ramin Mehrganpour summarized the perfect takeaway for those who visit the Commercial Experience Center. “I hope our customers see how the benefits of lighting technology and lighting control, as demonstrated in this new center, improve their lives,” he told the captivated crowd. 


Visits to the New York Commercial Experience Center — located in Manhattan’s NoMad neighborhood — are by appointment only, and can be arranged by contacting NYexperience@lutron.com. Additional Lutron Experience Centers are located in Coopersburg, PA.; Plantation, FL.; Irvine, CA.; Washington, D.C.; Toronto, Canada; and London, UK. The company’s Residential Experience Center is located in Midtown Manhattan.