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Ketra and HomeWorks: Unified to Work as One

The last 18 months have seen one of the largest initiatives in Lutron + Ketra history come to life, with teams coordinating work across multiple locations throughout the country. We’re pleased to reveal the final result: a tremendous new platform offering full native support for Ketra lighting in the Lutron HomeWorks system, which will serve as the foundation of future Ketra expansions.

Bringing together product and operations — from two distinct teams and cultures —  presented some unique challenges. But knowing that the end result would open up a new world of lighting experiences for customers fueled us every step of the way. With this powerful platform now in place, you’ll have the tools to create beautiful, customized lighting experiences more quickly and easily than ever.

Exciting Advances

This new platform goes beyond simply connecting Homeworks and Ketra. Using Lutron’s new Clear Connect Type X radios, Ketra light sources now work directly with the Homeworks system. Using a direct radio link enables simpler discovery and commissioning, requires fewer components and eliminates the need for two separate design tools.

No longer will you need to program the lighting with Design Studio and then program the controls with Lutron Designer. Ketra lighting can now be configured directly in Designer. Creating and editing scenes is much easier, and there is also a much simpler method for personalizing the Natural Show. These changes mean you can spend less time dealing with programming, and more time with your customers — designing individual solutions that delight, using the magic of Ketra light.

If you’d like to learn more about the how the new platform works or the exciting experiences you can create for your customers, please visit our HomeWorks page

Customer Care 

Lutron’s first principle is simple: take care of the customer. The needs of those who had already put their trust and support in our products were front and center in guiding us through this major transformation. If you were an early adopter of Ketra or an enthusiastic adopter of our 2018 Ketra/HomeWorks integration, here’s what you can expect:

  • For ALL legacy customers: You are still getting the full Ketra lighting experience — nothing has changed in that respect with this system update. Full warranty and replacement support remains in place across Ketra’s full suite of legacy products, Design Studio, and Ketra’s mobile app. We’ll also continue to monitor feedback for any potential critical updates. 
  • For legacy customers who use the 2018 “Integrated” version of HomeWorks + Ketra: We are simply moving to complete native support of Ketra lighting with the Lutron systems. You’ll continue to receive full support of all existing products that comprise this solution, so you continue to enjoy the best lighting experience Ketra has to offer.

If you have questions about an existing project, we invite you to contact your sales rep.  

We are excited about this next phase in our evolution, and look forward to sharing future great innovations in Ketra lighting with you. Even more exciting is having you with us on this continuing adventure to create beautiful lighting experiences. While change can be a great thing, be assured that Ketra’s DNA remains rooted in innovation and customer care. As we move forward with eyes on the future, we will not lose sight of where we came from — and who is with us on the journey.