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The Inspiration behind Ketra’s new product launch: Introducing Lightbar Slim

Innovation for its own sake can be exciting, but at Ketra, purpose-driven innovation is one of our guiding principles. When customers expressed a desire for a powerful but ultra-small space solution that would allow them to layer Ketra’s high-quality, tunable lighting throughout a project, we took action.. Jay Williams, lead for Residential Lighting Sales & Business Development, makes it his mission to ensure that the designer's vision will come to life with the magic of Ketra lighting. Ketra’s new small-space linear, Lightbar Slim, does just that. Jay took a moment to share his thoughts about this exciting addition to the Ketra family, from concept to the creative possibilities—plus a hint at what may be coming next.


Lightbar Slim extends the magic of Ketra light to even more spaces

1. What role did customer feedback play in the creation of the Lightbar Slim?

We always love hearing about the experiences our customers create with Ketra products and take all feedback seriously. Over time, that feedback revealed an unfilled need: there were places in the home where our customers wanted the Ketra lighting experience, but our existing fixtures simply wouldn’t fit. We were missing a linear for very small areas such as shelving, cove details, undercabinet and toe kick applications. We presented our product and engineering team with this need, and from there (and after years of engineering and product design magic), the Lightbar Slim was born. With its incredibly small form factor, customers will now be able to enjoy the magic of Ketra in new and exciting ways throughout their homes and in commercial spaces.

2. This is Ketra’s first new product since being acquired by Lutron in 2018. Can you share a little about the engineering advancements Ketra has rolled out leading up to this launch and how the Lightbar Slim builds upon that progress? 

Post-acquisition, one of our primary goals was to take the world’s most advanced light source, Ketra, and make it easy to control. This meant not only simplifying the user experience for a client in their home but also removing friction points that an integrator might have when commissioning a full-color light source. The solution was to combine the best of both companies’ technologies, and we introduced the next generation of Lutron HomeWorks with fully native Ketra integration. Our dealer base was extremely excited by the introduction of this next generation product because it made their working process significantly easier and more flexible. We’ve continued that customer benefit-driven approach with Lightbar Slim, enabling our integrators to add Ketra in even more spaces. 

The beauty of the Lightbar Slim is that it allows integrators and specifiers to create even more immersive, exquisite experiences for their residential clients in luxury homes.

Jay Williams
Residential Lighting Sales and Business Development Lead, Ketra

3. What does this new product mean for Lutron + Ketra dealers and specifiers?

The beauty of the Lightbar Slim is that it allows integrators and specifiers to create more of those immersive, exquisite experiences for their residential clients. On a more practical level it also means consistent lighting throughout the space without any sacrifice. Retaining our products’ quality and integrity of light was mandatory for our developers and engineers—and they made it look easy to pack that quality in such a small package. Even though Lightbar Slim is smaller than a dime in width, it still goes through the same rigorous testing and calibration processes as all of our Ketra products and contains all of our technical innovations: High Def Palette, Dynamic Spectrum, TruBeam, and Color Lock. 

4. What excites you most about this product?

Wow— that’s a tough one, because there are so many things that I love about this product. It’s hard to choose, but I guess I’d say the biggest thing about this new form factor is the ease with which we can immerse our clients in the magic of Ketra, no matter how small the space.

5. We know the team isn’t one to rest on their laurels—are there any other customer-driven innovations in the works? 

Well, it felt really incredible to take the Ketra magic and package it in such a small size. At Lutron we are always listening to our clients, and while I can’t say too much, I can assure you our engineers are hard at work on the next big innovation from us. Stay tuned—and keep that feedback coming! 


To learn more about the new LS0 Lightbar Slim, visit its product page. And stay tuned for more behind-the-scenes interviews plus other exciting features, coming soon. 

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