Design Studio
S38 Track Luminaire
Design Studio 1.8

Ketra’s Design Studio software empowers users to find, configure, and program lamps, luminaires and controls within the network. Included in your purchase of any Ketra hardware, our software was designed with ease-of-use in mind, and offers a suite of functionality that follows an intuitive workflow. Complementary to Design Studio, the Ketra Tech Tool is a technician oriented programming software tool that enables power-user functions such as updating firmware on lighting and controls products.

  • Sets color and intensity information on all products
  • Authors preset scenes and shows
  • Content management for your customized library of light settings
  • Remote backup and multi-user collaboration via Ketra’s cloud servers
  • Local file storage and archiving for project data
  • Configuration of I/O ports in controls automation products



Design Studio Manual
Design Studio Release Notes
Design Studio Specification Sheet