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How do I make keypads for a particular installation available remotely?

Minimum app version 1.4.0, minimum hub firmware 1.14.0: The installation must first be enabled for remote access - this can only be done in Design Studio while Design Studio is on the installation’s local network. The app will then display a cloud checkbox for the installation on the Installation page. Tap the cloud to enable remote keypads for that installation; you will be required to enter the installation’s password. After successful authentication, all keypads in the installation will be available remotely. Remote keypads will appear under the installation's name in the keypad list - look for the cloud in front of the installation name.

The dimmer doesn’t work on my 3 button keypad. How do I fix this?

Version 1.3.0 and later: The app will always display a dimmer when a dimmer operation should be available. Three button keypads that have not been upgraded to firmware version 1.12 or later and/or were installed with Design Studio 1.6 or earlier will ignore dimmer operations. To fix, upgrade those keypads with firmware 1.12 or later, and re-publish them with Design Studio 1.7 or later.

I created a new installation using Design Studio and the app doesn’t find it. What’s wrong?

Make sure you’ve published the installation, then exited Design Studio while connected to the internet.

Wondering why is this necessary? After creating a new installation, if you didn’t publish it, it won’t be available for use by the hardware. If you didn’t exit Design Studio after publishing, or did so while not connected to the internet, the Ketra Cloud won’t know about the new installation for that user, and that installation will not be on the user's list of available installations. The app uses that list to determine which N4's to which the user may connect. If it’s not on the list, the app never knows that the N4 has an installation for the user so it doesn't try to connect to the N4 and it doesn't display the installation in the Installations list.

I prefer to see my keypads displayed in a simple list rather than in a hierarchy based on keypad labels. How do I do this?

Version 1.2.8 and later: Tap Settings-Preferences. Turn off “Display keypad list hierarchy”.

I prefer to choose my keypad rather than let the app choose the most recently used keypad. How do I do this?

Version 1.2.7 and later: Tap Settings-Preferences. Turn off “Auto-select most recently used keypad”.

How can I easily set maximum or minimum brightness?

Version 1.2.5 and later: Tap near the end of the dimmer slider and it will snap to maximum or minimum brightness. Tap anywhere else on the dimmer slider to set that value. Tap and hold the slider to slide it to whatever value you like.

When does my phone and hub need internet access in order to use the app?

  • Your phone needs access to the internet when logging in an account in order to verify your account.
  • For secure installations (i.e. not demo), the hub needs access to the internet in order to validate the account the app is using when it attempts to connect to the installation.
  • This is only required the first time the Installation is accessed on a particular hub.
  • Your phone needs access to the internet when logging in an account in order to verify your account.
  • The hub always needs access to the internet (secure or demo installation)
  • Version 1.2.4 and earlier: your phone needs access to the internet whenever the app connects to a hub on a different subnet.
  • Version 1.2.5 and later: your phone needs access to the internet whenever the app connects to a hub on a different subnet for the first time, or if that hub’s IP address has changed since the last time the app connected to it.

Why did my user account disappear from the accounts list?

If the app can’t retrieve the account’s user login credentials from the phone’s secure storage, the user account can no longer be used and is removed from the list. Re-login to the account to re-establish the credentials.

How do I organize my keypad list into groups?

When an installation contains a large number of keypads e.g. more than 15, keypad selection can become cumbersome due to the need for scrolling (note that this may or may not be an issue as the app presents keypads most recent first). The app allows you to group keypads in order to display the keypad selection list in a “drill-down” hierarchy. The user does this by “labelling” each keypad name as follows:

  • /label1/label2:.../labelx/keypad name
  • Labeled and unlabeled keypads can be used at the same time. The initial ‘/’ character is required when using labels. If the initial ‘/’ character is omitted, the keypad name will not be labeled and the ‘/’ can be used elsewhere as part of the keypad name
  • You don’t need to add a space character before or after the ‘/’ label separator. This is not recommended as the app will add these for you when displaying the keypad name
  • A keypad can be put into more than one hierarchical group by adding multiple labels, separated by commas
  • Commas cannot be used in a label, but they can be used in the keypad name

Example: if you give your keypads these names in Design Studio

  • /Master/Bed/All
  • /Master/Bed/Downlights
  • /Master/Bed/Decorative
  • /Master/Bath/All
  • /Master/Bath/Downlights
  • /Master/Bath/Vanity
  • /Master/Bed,Bath/Hall (Within the Master label, Bed and Bath share the Hall keypad)
  • Kitchen
  • Dining

The keypad list would be organized into 3 screens

  • Screen 1 Screen 2
  • Dining
  • Kitchen Screen 3 (from Bath)
  • Master Bath All
  • Decorative
  • Downlights
  • Hall
  • Screen 3 (from Bed)
  • Bed All
  • Downlights
  • Hall
  • Vanity

How do I change the order of virtual keypads that are cascaded or mirrored?

Cascaded/Mirrored keypads are ordered primary keypad first with their child keypads ordered alphabetically by name. To change the order in which the child keypads appear, change their names and re-publish. The app only displays the primary keypad name, so you can name their child keypads anything you like to get them to sort alphabetically the way you’d like. Example:

Master Bedroom (primary keypad)

Master Bedroom 1 (first cascaded keypad to appear)

Master Bedroom 2 (second cascaded keypad to appear)

Having trouble updating the app?

If you’ve updated your phone’s operating system recently, you may need to power off and power on your phone to let it finish updating. Try updating the app afterwards.

Not all installations are available, even though I’m on the correct WiFi network

This can happen when hubs are installed on a subnet of the WiFi network and the app doesn’t have access to the Internet. Make sure your phone is connected to the Internet, then refresh the Installations list, or connect the phone to the WiFi subnet. If you’d like the details, read on.

If the app is connected to a WiFi network, and the hub is connected to a subnet of that WiFi network, the app can’t find the hub because it can’t access the subnet while it is on the WiFi network. However, if the app and the hub have access to the internet, it can retrieve the IP address of the hub from your Ketra account and use the IP address to connect to the hub on the subnet.

I updated the installation on a hub but the app doesn’t show me the changes

If you publish a new installation, the changes you made e.g. scene name changes, adding/removing keypads etc. won’t appear in the app until the app gets the new installation information from the hub. Go to the Installations screen (Settings-Installations), wait until the screen is no longer busy, then return to Keypads. If you’re already on the Installations screen, tap the Refresh button at the bottom, wait for the Refresh to complete, then return to the Keypads screen.

No Installations found

Verify the hub(s) are set up on a network that the phone can reach via WiFi.

Verify the phone is connected to the same WiFi network or any WiFi network that has access to the hubs.

Verify a user ID that has access to the installation on the hub(s) is logged on in the app and enabled on the Accounts screen (Settings->Installations->Accounts)

Verify the hubs are enabled on the Installations screen (Settings->Installations)

Keypads are listed that aren’t available on the current network

This can happen when the phone changes WiFi networks while the app is on screen. Rather than restart the app, go to the Installations screen, then back to the keypad screen.

How do I know the lights have been changed if I can’t see them from my location?

When you change the lights, a busy indicator is shown. When the busy indicator goes away, the lights have been changed to their new setting.

My Username or Email is not displayed correctly after I updated it

The app will sync any changes to your user information when it refreshes the Installations screen. If you have changed your user information, go to the Installations screen (Settings->Installations) and it will update its copy of your user information.

I have a multi-PAN install but the app only connects to one of the hubs

This is not a problem. The app only needs to connect to one of the hubs in order to control the installation. Any of the hubs will do, it connects to the first one it finds.

How can I see the Introduction pages again?

Go to Settings-Accounts, delete all accounts, then restart the app.