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Southampton Beach Home

Aesthetic and functional benefits under one roof
Southampton, NY
Interior Designer

Design Goals

Owners of this Southampton getaway understood the transformative impact that lighting can have on a space, particularly throughout a home that they use for entertaining guests as much as for escaping city life to relax. They had several goals in mind:

  1. Fill every room with bright, natural light
  2. Highlight one-of-a-kind details and fine finishes in the space
  3. Future-proof their home with flexible technology that can adapt to future needs

The Ketra Solution

Ketra’s dynamic light is installed throughout the home to complement the natural daylight throughout each room. When evening falls, Ketra light suffuses the space with a soft, warm glow for a relaxing ambiance. High quality white light is directed through Ketra’s advanced optical system to highlight fine materials such as the custom cerulean wallpaper and the dining table made from reclaimed wood.



Beyond the home’s exceptional contemporary beach style, designer Jessica Ayromloo was able to deliver a more tailored space for the owners with Ketra lighting. While highlighting special details of this Southampton retreat, Ketra helped create a comfortable environment for the residents that allows them to be happier at home. “Being able to relax and take a breath when you get home, having it be happy, is really important,” Ayromloo says.


Project photography by Jessica Ayromloo.

Being able to relax and take a breath when you get home, having it be happy, is really important.

-Jessica Ayromloo, Founder & CEO, Jessica Ayromloo Design

Products used

D3 Downlight
A20 Lamp
S30 Lamp
N4 Hub

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