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New York, NY
Square Feet
200,000 sqft
Lighting Designer


In 2015, global ad agency R/GA asked over 1,000 of its New York employees what they most desired in their new office space. One of the top requests was more access to natural light. This posed a challenge: in a 200,000 square foot space, the majority of employees would sit away from windows. R/GA chose Ketra to meet that challenge. Our Natural Light is implemented throughout the office, giving employees access to beautiful dynamic light that mimics sunlight.


Suzan Tillotson, the lighting designer for the space, has won the most prestigious award in lighting, LDA’s 2017 Lighting Designer of the Year. R/GA was also the winner of LDA’s 2017 Workplace of the Year, led by Tillotson Design Associates and Foster & Partners Architects.   
Products Used
G2 Linear
N3 Satellite
S38 Lamp

Project photography by John Muggenborg.