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Differentiation in an increasingly competitive fitness landscape
New York, NY


Bodyrok fitness studio has established themselves as a premium lifestyle brand, offering intimate class settings in a highly differentiated studio environment. Grounded in pilates technique with a more intense aerobic tempo, Bodyrok’s flagship “Sculpt” workout is equally challenging as it is energizing.


Design Goals

  1. Create a mood that inspires and motivates from the moment guests enter the studio
  2. Differentiate Bodyrok from the competition with a unique and custom environment
  3. Create distinct visual cues to help guests transition through each phase of class
  4. Design a brand-rich experience that seamlessly scales as Bodyrok expands exponentially

“We’re a lifestyle brand that wants to create the most incredible workout experience for our clients. This is where Ketra comes in.”

-Jake Irion, Owner, Bodyrok

The Ketra Solution

Bodyrok wanted to create a distinct experience from the moment guests walk through the door. Ketra lamps bathe the lobby in Ketra Natural Light to create a vibrant, dynamic mood before class.

Color tunable lighting is programmed to change every 13 minutes during class to indicate transitions throughout the workout. Linear pendants shift from deep blue during warm-up to vibrant red at peak intensity, finally transitioning to soothing purple for cool down.

Ketra’s wireless controls and software offer Bodyrok staff the ability to easily customize lighting at each studio as they continue to grow. The mobile app also allows for additional “virtual” buttons so the team can create new scenes for special events and celebrations.


Bodyrok has made the investment in their studios to guarantee differentiation in an increasingly competitive fitness landscape. From the street, passersby are drawn in by vibrant colored light illuminating the lobby. Throughout class, dynamic lighting delivers an energizing ambience and provides visual cues that excite and motivate guests to push themselves to the limit. Once fitness lovers experience Bodyrok’s invigorating workout environment, they can’t wait to come back.


Project photography and videography by Edwards Media.

Products Used

D4R Retrofit Downlight
A20 Lamp

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