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Beverly Hills Home

Seamless technology for ultimate luxury

Beverly Hills, CA

Custom Integration



When a project is so luxe that the owners fly all the way to Italy to select the right stone, it’s clear every detail of the project must be best-in-class. For this incomparable Beverly Hills home, that meant not only the finest finishes and incredible artwork, but also the ultimate in whole-house lighting from Ketra. Accomplished smart home integrator AudioVisions was tapped to bring this space to luxurious life. 

Design Goals

  1. Create a space that maximizes well-being 
  2. Create a custom environment with unique appeal to discerning buyers 
  3. Enhance the overall value of the residence 


With a $30 million dollar price tag, this residence had to have an instant wow factor in every single spaceGetting the right light into the subterranean showcase garage was particularly challenging. Finally, nearly every other room in the home had expansive exterior window so ensuring indoor light matched the natural light coming through the windows was a top priority. 

"This project really exemplified the ethos of the Ketra system and is using the best parts of Ketra. Yes, we use color changing lighting for a fun effect, Vibrancy over the art and cars, but the Ketra’s Natural Light is really the star of the show."

- Chris Montreuil, System Designer, AudioVisions

The Solution

To fulfill the desire to promote maximum well-being, Ketra lighting was selected to complement a state-of-the-art air and water purification system. The Natural Show setting allowed for lighting to be automatically adjusted throughout the day to match the varying color and intensity of sunlight from sunrise to darkness. Ketra’s unobtrusive fixtures created a seamless feel between interior and exterior lighting and extended daylight throughout the space.

The home also featured an incredible collection of art, and the light source's tunable Vibrancy made every installation pop. An in-house bar and dance floor also featured Ketra lighting, where the full-color spectrum created a fun, exciting environment. 

Perhaps the most exciting application of Ketra technology was in transforming the subterranean garage. AudioVisions created a full-wrap projection wall which played a loop of a custom 3D rendering of a waterfall. By combining the waterfall scene with Ketra light,  AudioVisions was able to truly immerse the space in nature while enhancing the details of the garage's occupants: a stunning red Ferrari, purple Porsche, and silver Aston Martin parked below. The Ketra bulbs above each car were custom tuned to pop the paint, and a scene was programmed so that the lights by the screen would dim down to allow the video to shine while the lights above the cars would stay bright to maintain those punches of color. 


Project photography by Joel Danto.

"The Ketra light just seamlessly blended the interior lighting with the sun’s natural light. You wouldn’t feel that connection—it wouldn’t even be possible— with a different lighting solution."

- Chris Montreuil, System Designer, AudioVisions


This amazing property captured not one, but three, top CEDIA Awards in 2020: Life Lived Best at Home, Technology Meets Design and Best Integrated Home Level IV (Americas). It was on the market for less than one year, with its state-of-the-art home technology, including the lighting system, helping the home sell for $1,459/sqft—a 320% increase over the purchase price.

Products Used

D3 Downlight
N4 Hub

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