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  • n3

N3 Satellite

Availability: Commercial & Residential

Ketra’s N3 satellite provides several vital system functions: control of Ketra's linear luminaires, connection to vacancy/occupancy and daylight sensors, integration of third-party products, and on-board memory and astronomical time clock functionality. The N3’s wireless connectivity enables its installation in multiple, convenient locations. To simplify the integration of third-party control systems, it includes multiple configurable inputs and outputs, including: 0-10V, 0-24V, and DMX output.

  • Enables Ketra’s luminaires to join the Ketra control network
  • Integrates sensors for energy and life safety building code compliance
  • Wireless network for easy installation
  • On-board content storage and astronomical time clock
  • Multiple control inputs and outputs for integration of third-party control and lighting products