Ketra’s integrated system of lighting, controls, and software allows for easy deployment of Natural Light in the built environment.

Lamps & Luminaires
  • Ketra makes lamps and luminaires for commercial and residential applications
    • - General illumination for large or small applications
    • - Decorative and task lighting for accent fixtures
  • Every Ketra product contains a custom driver chip, delivering perfectly calibrated light for the lifetime of the product
High quality Light
  • No Color Shift: Ketra's patented closed loop feedback compensates for optical and thermal shift in LEDs
  • 90+ CRI from 2,700 to 6,500K
  • No color break up or multicolored sources: Ketra's lighting platform is a single source of perfectly mixed light
Color Mixing with Tunable-Spectrum
  • RGBW tunable-spectrum light producing high fidelity white, pastels, and saturated colors
  • Dynamic color rendering at different CCTs
  • N4 hub connects to router and wirelessly controls lighting using your Ketra mobile app
  • Multiple hubs cascade to support larger networks
  • Standard control interfaces (DMX, contact closure, 0 - 10)
  • Application Programming Interface (API) enables integration with wide variety of control, automation and Internet of Things (IoT) projects
  • Keypads are a sleek and convenient control option that disappear into the wall and fit within any environment and style
  • Configurable buttons, material colors and customizable text options provide endless creative possibilities for your space
Easy To Use
  • Ketra sends color data from Design Studio to the light source in industry standard xy chromaticity coordinates
  • Design Studio breaks down that information in an easy to use user interface making customization easier for users
  • Mobile app provides additional “virtual” buttons and gives you the flexibility to control all of your local installations via WiFi
  • Allows access to all installations when you’re within network
Natural Light
  • Natural Light shifts in color and intensity throughout the day, similar to sunlight.
  • Morning and early afternoon light is cool and bright. Blue content is gradually reduced and eliminated as the day draws to a close—delivering beautiful, warm light in the evening.
Personalized Light
  • Access unlimited curated light content in Design Studio and change your scenes at any time with the mobile app
  • Ketra’s tunable-spectrum LED offers infinite spectrum and color choice
  • Enables wide range of options for designer to create varying levels of color saturation and color enhancement from 1,400K to 10,000K
and Services
Design Support
  • We're here to help make this an easy process. You'll have someone to walk you through your first time installing a Ketra system. 
    • - Sequence of operations
    • - Network layout diagrams
    • - Single-line diagrams
    • - Shop drawings
    • - Controls narratives
    • - Light level calculations
    • - Fixture, load and control schedules
Construction Support
  • We actively engage with general contractors, electrical contractors and distributors in every job.
    • - Pre-commissioning site visit
    • - Integration consultations
    • - On-site meetings
    • - Full commissioning support
    • - Post commission: training with the local facilities team so they can learn how to run the system moving forward
Occupancy/Post-occupancy support
  • Because this is a living, dynamic system - much like your phones or computers -- there are upgrades and new features that are always available.
    • Five year product warranty
    • Installation support for a lifetime with Service Level Agreement includes:
      • - Ongoing system updates
      • - Warranty services
      • - Customized content