Quick Ship

Ketra has you covered.

Ketra is pleased to offer Two-Day Quick Ship on select D3 Downlights, N4 Hubs, and X2 Keypads to help you meet your tightest project schedules.

* Quick Ship Program Fees Apply

Quick Ship
How it Works
  • Place your Quick Ship order with Ketra Sales via sales@ketra.com before 12:00 PM CST, between Monday-Friday (not including holidays) to qualify for two-day ship time.

  • A maximum of 50 units per product family may be ordered.1

  • Select and pay for your desired delivery speed.

  • Submit your Quick Ship order containing Quick Ship-eligible products only. (Non-Quick Ship products must be submitted in a separate P.O.)

Then, Ketra’s Natural Light solutions will be on their way, within two days of your order submission.

1E.g., All Ketra D3 Downlights are a product family.

Terms & Conditions
  • Only products listed in this Quick Ship Program are eligible for Quick Ship. See product list below.

  • Ketra Sales must receive a clean 2 purchase order by 12:00 PM CST of the submission day, Monday-Friday (not including holidays) to honor the two-day shipping commitment. If order codes or other details are unclear or inaccurate, shipping process may be delayed.

  • Orders placed after 12:00 PM CST, Monday-Friday (not including holidays) will be processed the following business day.

  • Lead times do not include weekends or holidays.

  • All Quick Ship orders are subject to product availability.

  • Credit application must be completed, prior to acceptance of the purchase order, or the order must be paid in advance.

  • Client must select and pay for desired delivery speed.

  • No “hold for release” orders will be accepted.

  • All Quick Ship orders are non-cancellable.

  • Ketra’s standard terms and conditions apply.

  • Ketra reserves the right to change the terms and conditions and products included in the Quick Ship Program.

  • Customer assumes responsibility for all drawings and system design needed for correct operation of your order. Ketra assumes no responsibility for incomplete information leading to delays in product installation, system programming, or other delays as may occur.

2A clean purchase order includes ONLY Quick Ship eligible products with correct and complete order codes. Always submit non-Quick Ship purchase orders separate from Quick Ship orders.

Select Ketra D3 Downlight variations are eligible for Quick Ship.

Follow the steps above to specify your Quick Ship D3 Downlight.

Example trim order code:

D3T - F - SQ1 - WH - F - QS

Example housing order code:

D3 - FXSQ - 18BT - 25L - 11- NCIC - N - SP - QS




F - Flanged

Shape / Depth

SQ1 - Square 1”

SQ2 - Sq. 2” 3

SP1 - Sq. Pinhole 1“

SP2 - Sq. Pinhole 2” 3

SPA - Sq. Pinhole Adjustable

RD1 - Round 1”

RD2 - Rd. 2” 3

RP1 - Rd. Pinhole 1“

RP2 - Rd. Pinhole 2” 3

RPA - Rd. Pinhole Adjustable


WH - White


N - No Lens

S - Solite

F - Frost

Quick Ship


3 2” Trims aren’t compatible with the Adjustable D3 Housing.



Trim / Shape

ADSQ - Adjustable, Square

ADRD - Adjustable, Round

FXSQ - Fixed, Square

FXRD - Fixed, Round

Wattage & Platform / Control

18BT - 18W, Wide Gamut/ Tunable

Beam Angle

25L - 25 ̊ Low Glare

40L - 40 ̊ Low Glare

60L - 60 ̊ Low Glare

25H - 25 ̊ High Output

40H - 40 ̊ High Output

60H - 60 ̊ High Output

Region & Angle

11 - North America, 120VAC 60Hz

Housing Type

NCIC - New Construction, IC/ Airtight


N - No Lens

F - Frost Lens

S - Solite

H - Hex Louver

Shipping Option

SP - Single Pack

BB - Bulk Pallet w/ Butterfly Brackets

BN - Bulk Pallet w/ Nailer Bars

Quick Ship


Select Ketra N4 Hub variations are available for Quick Ship.

Follow the steps above to specify your Quick Ship N4 Hub.

Example order code:

N4 - 1 - 4 - CND - BK - QS




1 - N. America


4 - 100-777VAC, 50/60Hz


CND - Conduit-Mounted

TT - Table Top


BK - Black

Quick Ship


Select Ketra X2 Keypad variations are available for Quick Ship.

Follow the steps above to specify your Quick Ship X2 Keypad.

Example order code:

X2 - B04 - ND - 11 - WH - 0402 - QS




B04 - Dbl.Tall, 3 Button

Platform/ Voltage

ND14 - KetraNet, N. America, 100-277VAC


WH - White


0402 - Living B04

0403 - Kitch/Dine B04

Quick Ship