New York, NY

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Square Feet

40,000 sq ft

TMPL is a new gym concept from fitness entrepreneur David Barton, founder of his namesake DavidBartonGym. Located in Hell's Kitchen in Manhattan, TMPL prides itself in pushing the concept of what a gym can be with a uniquely immersive fitness experience.

  • To immerse guests in an emotional experience to motivate them towards their fitness goals.
  • To excite and invigorate guests during their workouts.
  • To give TMPL staff the ability to effortlessly create custom colors and change them at anytime of the day for workout classes, special events, or user preference.
  • David Barton wanted guests to feel encouraged in pursuing their fitness journey while working out at TMPL. In addition to the right temperature and music, Ketra lighting plays a huge role in enhancing the overall fitness experience by helping people feel motivated during their workouts.
  • Ketra lighting was used to create a comfortable yet energizing space for TMPL guests. The entire gym is set at a pleasant warm glow with custom light settings used to highlight equipment and murals throughout the space to promote exciting workouts.
  • Ketra’s flexible lighting allows for TMPL staff to highlight the unique architecture of the gym and easily tweak and update the lighting as they wish for specific classes, events, or general user preference.

“It’s tedious to be under bad lighting for a period of time. It's a stress on the body. There is so much stress living in New York. We want the gym to be about feeling comfortable and energizing with some drama for interest.”

David Barton
David Barton
Owner, TMPL Gym

With Ketra's dynamic lighting implemented, TMPL members are in for a unique fitness experience every time they visit. Members are encouraged to power through their workouts in the weight room with spotlights throughout the space highlighting their toned muscles as well as the equipment. In spin class, vibrant Ketra lighting is set to match the videos projected onto a the wall that cyclists face, enveloping them into an unparalleled fitness experience. Once guests have experienced TMPL Gym, it's hard for them to work out under any other lighting.

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